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No unsubscribe in spam email - how do I get rid of them?

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Why is this wompwompkombi allowed to spam us and we cannot get rid of them. There is no unsubscribe (button) place to click and you cant find place to email them to stop bugging you. I also have this problem with yahoo, ymail and reply@fatrefinery. I am not interested in this rubbish and wish there was a way to ban these idiots of the net. The  fatrefinery comes to you for example which is the most popular and others will be or education@wompwompkombi. I am more than sick of this. I am getting about 50 emails a day to buy viagra and really this is not on!!! I do not want to cancell my email as it is for business and I do not want to spend money on buying some programe that might stop them. I am not the only one complaining about this.  PLEASE HELP!!!! Thanks Yvonne


Thanks for your question Yvonne!  Here are some ways to block most forms of SPAM email. 


Click on Tools, then move your mouse over Message Rules

Click Blocked Senders List...


Click Add


Here you have the option to block a specific sender or their entire domain.  If you choose to block you will still get emails from  If you block, it doesn't matter what shows up in front of the '@' symbol.


Repeat those steps as necessary for each address/domain you want to block.


Here are links to do the same thing for several other free email sites:

Yahoo! -

Gmail  -

Hotmail -

  1. Log in
  2. Options
  3. More Options
  4. Safe and Blocked Senders (under Preventing Junk Mail)
  5. Blocked Senders



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